No Excuses

IT’S HOT. Well almost.

We are getting closer to the official first day of summer and you are still up late eating those cookies before bed!

Unless you look as good as Marilyn eating cookies in bed, I suggest you cut the bad habit and get back on track. Staying fit and healthy is hard work and takes determination and dedication. Here are a few simple steps to stay on track while you work towards your bikini body.
1. Don’t eat before you go to bed. It is bad for your metabolism and increases your belly fat when you eat before falling asleep. I recommend you take your last bite three hours before you start counting sheep. You will feel hungry and the cravings will drive you crazy, for the first week or so, but then your body will adjust and you will wake up so refreshed (and with a flatter stomach).

2. Run. Go outside, get some sun and fresh air and run until your little heart begs you to stop. Running is not only healthy for you but therapeutic for your mind. Running can de-stress the stressful while shedding calories.

3. Hydrate constantly. Usually when you are “hungry” a big glass of water can quench your urge to consume. Drinking water with lemon also helps detoxify your body and flushes your system.

4. Take a group exercise class. Sometimes all you need is just a little push. Group exercise classes help encourage you to finish one more pushup and hold your plank for those last ten seconds.

5. Be proud of yourself. It takes a lot of hard work physically and mentally to get in shape. Pat yourself on the back and keep pushing forward. Appreciate the body you have been given and take care of it. A size zero should never be your goal, but a healthy body, metabolism and mind is what you need to focus on. Don’t come up with excuses, but motivate yourself to reach your personal goals.