This Is Your Life. Coachella It.

Sometimes, all you need is a good vacation.

After having my mind blown at Coachella this past weekend, I feel the air easier to breathe at work, the couch a little less comfortable at home and the gas mileage in my truck not that bad. Confusing, right?

When life feels like it’s never going to stop, everything starts to suck, and you can’t process thoughts without anxiety…it’s time for a vacation. So I took two.

Last weekend I went to Coachella Valley Music Festival for the first time.
ImageThis would be the sentence where I describe how amazing it was and what it felt like to be at a music festival in the desert with hundreds of thousands of people, but I can’t do that. Words cannot describe what Coachella is like. Sorry writer gods, I’m going to sin.

It is an experience that everyone should experience, at least once. With that said, I cannot wait to sit by my computer, refreshing the page, to buy my tickets for 2014 Coachella next month in May. Yes, tickets go on sale a year in advance, and yes they sell out in about two hours. It’s that good.

Prior to my weekend in Coachella, I took a quick trip to Las Vegas. Always a good idea. As my boyfriend conventioned away, his sister and I took our sweet time drinking bacon bloody mary’s, eating Las Vegas’s underground eats and tossing dice. Usually a trip to Vegas is rushed with day party, gambling, pool party, gambling, eat and then clubbing all night. This trip was a little different and was the perfect prepper to Coachella. Most people can’t put relaxing and Vegas in the same sentence, but I think I am pretty close.

Three days after arriving back home from Coachella, my brain still hurts, my calves still ache, but I’m rejoiced with this fiery feeling inside me. [[No, I didn’t catch anything in Vegas]] It’s the kind of feeling that makes you get up and just start sprinting as fast as you can inhaling whatever air is sticking and exhaling pure greatness. This is the feeling I usually get after I have had a really good vacation, a much needed one. Ready to conquer the world, again. With that said, all the new years resolutions re-pump blood in my veins and I’m back on the saddle, for now. In about a month or two, I’ll need another Coachella.


Sad Face < Happy Face

Sometimes you are unhappy for no reason. You can think of plenty of reasons to be unhappy, you always can, but then you can also think of more reasons to be happy, to be thankful. As a woman in her twenties, life can throw fast curve-balls, when I didn’t even sign up for the softball team.

As easy as it is to be sad, it is even easier to be happy. You are the only one stopping yourself from being happy. Have you ever had that one friend who is always in a good mood, can laugh at almost anything and is smiling constantly? Annoying, right?!

Wrong. This person is lucky enough to see glory in the little things, in all things. There are so many things we have to be grateful for, enough to make us smile for thousands of years. Yet, why do we frown so easily, wake up on the wrong side of the bed, cry, yell, scream?

Life can be a never ending inner battle with ourselves, more than with the actual world. When you overcome your anxiety, your endless mind games and lying to yourself, you see the world a little less fuzzy and little more beautiful. Whatever you are doing, smile. Smile because you mean it, because you are still breathing and moving.

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it, so live it.




When things like this speak to me, I feel the need to share it, to tell everyone and to give them a hug as I share it. It’s important to remember the simple things in life. Isn’t it ironic that forgetting the simplest of things are what makes our life the hardest? Whether it be in your personal life, your business or even at the gym, bring it back to basics and remember how simple life really is. You are the one that complicates it.

ImageI got this tattoo on my wrist as a reminder of that exact sentence. As a perfectionist, Leo and stress addict, there are too many times throughout my day where I make the choice to complicate my life, instead of simplify it. This little reminder stares back at me in those moments and reminds me to take a breathe.