I Miss You…Not.

Do you ever get tired of saying, “I miss you“. Have you listened to how it sounds? Ugh.

English, being the simple language that it isn’t, lets words like those have completely different meanings. For example, telling an ex lover that you miss them, is completely different from telling your friend who just moved an hour away.

As time goes by, and more experiences add to your belt, you start to decipher the different meanings those words have and the effect they can have on people. I’ve said those words to many people, in many contexts and am tired of saying it… to be frank.

If you miss somebody bad enough, you’ll make it happen. You’ll see them, talk to them, hear them, feel them, whatever it is you’re missing of them, you’ll make it happen. And I don’t always mean with your ex lover. Friends come and go, too, especially go, but the ones that stay, don’t say you miss them. Don’t let the hole develop that creates the void of them in your lives.

No matter what life puts you through, make time for the people you love.


Reap the Seed You Sow

Each day you are faced with decisions. Rather time crunching or life saving, you make a choice.. Many choices. Each choice you make has repercussions, and if you’re lucky, rewards. If you are really lucky, you know what a reward looks like when it comes you’re way. Most of us are still focusing through our prescriptions.


A thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement.
Make a gift of something to (someone) in recognition of their services, efforts, or achievements.
noun.  remuneration – recompense – prize – requital – premium

*Thanks marilonge.blogspot.com for the photo

verb.  requite – recompense – remunerate – repay – compensate