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Fab Friday Does It Again!

Believe it or not, it’s Friday, again! With all these holidays and vacations, my timeclock is not set correctly. I can’t tell whether it’s Tuesday or Thursday. That will soon change next week when there are no more holidays, no more excuses to eat that extra sugar cookie and no more reasons not to start all those goals I’ve been wanting to accomplish. Bring it 2013!

This was my week. It was short, sweet and semi-complicated.

new years

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New Years Eve brought in a shots of tequila, getting cozy around the fire with close family & friends and a special midnight smooch.

New Years day and the rest of New Years week brought in bad luck. My laptop decided to crash and loose all of it’s information (including my work), I received a much unexpected medical bill, I bit my cheek, and I had to go to court for a red-light ticket ($545) I received on the same intersection I drive through everyday.

barak obama

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  Despite the ups and downs of this past week, I have come to the conclusion that if 2013 wants to start off rocky, it should end stable. Everything always gets better with time.