Writing Prompt: Day One

In order to explore my writing abilities and to continue blogging daily, I am going to respond to writing prompts. This is today’s prompt:

Whether you’re an open-book, or still wrapped in packaging tape, you’re a person who has real feelings, passions and ideas. How you express those to the people around you, says a lot about your personality.

Depending on who it is, and what the subject is, I find myself still wrapped in packaging tape. Though, to most of my family, my boyfriend and my closest friends, I am an open book. If you want to keep most of your life to yourself, it is important to establish those guidelines between what you share and to whom you share it to.

For example, you don’t necessarily share your experience at your first rave with your boss Monday morning, but you will with your edm friends.

Some of the best advice I was ever given, or actually read, was,
Don’t ever tell anybody anything, if you do you start missing everyone,”
from the book, Go Ask Alice. This quote meant so much to me as I went through my teenage years and realized how life changes, how you loose people, gain people and forget people. That’s life.

No matter how much you share your life with someone, and open up to them, you can still loose them at any moment. It is truly up to you how much of your life you feel comfortable sharing and with whom you want to represent. Do you want to be yourself in everything you do? Or would you rather put a front, and be yourself to only yourself? It is your own life, but I suggest being yourself in everything you do. The people who accept it, accept you, and the people who don’t, you don’t need anyway.