I Miss You…Not.

Do you ever get tired of saying, “I miss you“. Have you listened to how it sounds? Ugh.

English, being the simple language that it isn’t, lets words like those have completely different meanings. For example, telling an ex lover that you miss them, is completely different from telling your friend who just moved an hour away.

As time goes by, and more experiences add to your belt, you start to decipher the different meanings those words have and the effect they can have on people. I’ve said those words to many people, in many contexts and am tired of saying it… to be frank.

If you miss somebody bad enough, you’ll make it happen. You’ll see them, talk to them, hear them, feel them, whatever it is you’re missing of them, you’ll make it happen. And I don’t always mean with your ex lover. Friends come and go, too, especially go, but the ones that stay, don’t say you miss them. Don’t let the hole develop that creates the void of them in your lives.

No matter what life puts you through, make time for the people you love.


Sad Face < Happy Face

Sometimes you are unhappy for no reason. You can think of plenty of reasons to be unhappy, you always can, but then you can also think of more reasons to be happy, to be thankful. As a woman in her twenties, life can throw fast curve-balls, when I didn’t even sign up for the softball team.

As easy as it is to be sad, it is even easier to be happy. You are the only one stopping yourself from being happy. Have you ever had that one friend who is always in a good mood, can laugh at almost anything and is smiling constantly? Annoying, right?!

Wrong. This person is lucky enough to see glory in the little things, in all things. There are so many things we have to be grateful for, enough to make us smile for thousands of years. Yet, why do we frown so easily, wake up on the wrong side of the bed, cry, yell, scream?

Life can be a never ending inner battle with ourselves, more than with the actual world. When you overcome your anxiety, your endless mind games and lying to yourself, you see the world a little less fuzzy and little more beautiful. Whatever you are doing, smile. Smile because you mean it, because you are still breathing and moving.

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it, so live it.