Zucchini Fries


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So, I’ve told you that son #1 is a professional chef, and the guy works all the time. Being in the restaurant business he never has a weekend off, and I suppose that just goes with the territory. Lucky for him he really loves his job. He did however have off the other day and decided to invite his buddies over to watch some football. They were just going to order some pizzas and drink beer, typical guy stuff. Now me, being the hovering mother that I am, felt it necessary to offer these guys a healthy snack. They’re grown men actually, and I probably should have just minded my own business, but I just couldn’t help myself.

I decided to make these zucchini fries for them. I think they’re the perfect snack for sitting around and watching football, all crispy and crunchy. It was just kind of funny when…

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With only a week and a day away, why not spam you with Thanksgiving recipes?!

With only a week and a day away, why not spam you with Thanksgiving recipes?!

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While Thanksgiving comes around only once a year, sometimes the traditional Thanksgiving spread can get a bit old. I mean, we all love turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, but you probably did that last year right? If you’re bored of the same ol’ thing and don’t want to spend hours picking out the innards of the big gobbly bird, we’ve compiled a list of unique ways for you to mix up your holiday meal this year.


Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, right? What are the meals, dishes or food genres you’re most thankful for? Personally, we couldn’t live without Mexican food or pepperoni pizza. So why not make a Thanksgiving spread that features the favorite dishes of each person in your holiday party. Sure, a dinner of cheeseburgers, ice cream and chocolate bonbons might not be the most cohesive or nutritious meal, but it’s…

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