DIY Employee Appreciation

You know the feeling after you come home from a long day of work, finished making dinner,  plop your exhausted body on the couch and release a heavy sigh.

Every now and then it’s nice to feel appreciated for all you do. Since I am the Marketing Director for the company I work for, it was my job to create gifts for Employee Appreciation. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to make several cute DIY goodies in a matter of hours before the Employee Appreciation party.

These Thanks A Latte gift card holders were a hit!


Our company colors are teal, so I stuck with a teal and green pattern and created this design in Pages (which is Microsoft for Mac). After choosing your font and colors, print the pages and line them up.ImageUse a paper cutter, such as the one below to cut your paper into four individual squares.

ImageOnce your paper is cut, using double sided tape, tape Starbucks cup sleeves to the paper and stick the gift card inside the sleeve.
ImageImageOur party was at the El Torito, across the street from our building. I also filled boxes from Michaels with the Starbucks gift cards, nail polish, body scrub and lotion. Each employee received individual cards and a mentionable honor at the party.ImageLittle things like this make all the hard work you put in, a little more worth it.