What is The Answer To Gun Violence?


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Unless it hits close to home, it is difficult to understand how big of an issue gun violence is in our country. Today marks one month since the devastating Newtown shooting. I didn’t realize it had already been one month until I received an email from Annette Nance-Holt, a Chicago Fire Department Captain and member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. My heart breaks over and over whenever I think of the Newtown shooting. Twenty first-graders and six adults, murdered. Thoughts and prayers will continue to go out to those families and the families, students and staff that still attend that school in fear. This shooting was one of the worst campus shootings we have witnessed in America, the land of the free. Because of this shooting, many other idiots have popped up to join in on the chaos. A week ago a gunman went to a local elementary school and threatened to kill the kindergarden class. That same gunman went to the elementary school my mother works at and as he circled the parking lot, waiting, students, teachers and staff rushed to the largest building at school and locked all the doors. This leaves an entire school vulnerable to a murder just waiting outside. All it would take is one mistake to allow that gunman to enter and another massacre to occur.

When I discovered that this was at my own mother’s campus, where she was trying to keep her students together, I became so angered, so outraged. How can this be happening, let alone so close to home? Two schools in my city targeted by disgusting human beings.

What’s the answer? How do we stop this? Does my mother arm herself at an elementary school? Do we have armed security guards on campus? What do we do?

Why isn’t anything being done?

In Annette’s email, she gives us something to do, when nothing else is being done about this. This is the email I received from Annette:

My son Blair was murdered with a gun on his way home from school.  He was riding a Chicago city bus, and he was caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting just a few days before Mother’s Day.

Newtown, Connecticut doesn’t look a lot like the South Side of Chicago.  But when I hear the stories of Newtown families, I am familiar with their pain.

One month has passed since the heartbreaking mass shooting that took the lives of twenty first-graders and six adults.  No community should have to go through that kind of terror, and no parent should have to feel so much loss.

Please join me and the families of other gun violence victims in saying: ENOUGH.

We recorded a new TV ad to Demand A Plan from our leaders in Congress.

Take a minute to watch the ad and call your members of Congress RIGHT NOW.

Today, more than forty mayors across the country organized events with law enforcement officials, faith leaders and survivors of gun violence to commemorate the tragedy at Newtown and demand action from our elected leaders in Washington.

More than a million people have signed the Demand A Plan petition calling on President Obama and Congress to step forward with a real plan to end gun violence.

But our leaders need to hear our voices every day.  Please watch our new TV ad and make a call TODAY:


I’ve met parents and loved ones of gun violence victims from all across the country.  We share a connection because of the pain we’ve all been through, and we can offer each other some comfort and understanding.  But there’s nothing that would make us happier than never adding a new member to our group ever again.

Thirty-three people are murdered with guns every day in America — sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers.  We’ve had ENOUGH and it’s time for our leaders in Congress to act.

Thank you for calling your members of Congress to Demand A Plan,

Annette Nance-Holt
Mayors Against Illegal Guns


Slap Ass Friday

Remember school traditions? It didn’t matter what school you went to, each grade had it’s laughs.
As I sit back and listen to the kids of today their traditions seem so foreign, so raunchy. And then I remember… We all had our secret jokes with our best friends, our ways of convincing the whole grade who you liked, our physic predictions of your future, and the nicknames. We mustn’t forget about all the lovely nicknames that were such a part of growing up.