No Excuses

IT’S HOT. Well almost.

We are getting closer to the official first day of summer and you are still up late eating those cookies before bed!

Unless you look as good as Marilyn eating cookies in bed, I suggest you cut the bad habit and get back on track. Staying fit and healthy is hard work and takes determination and dedication. Here are a few simple steps to stay on track while you work towards your bikini body.
1. Don’t eat before you go to bed. It is bad for your metabolism and increases your belly fat when you eat before falling asleep. I recommend you take your last bite three hours before you start counting sheep. You will feel hungry and the cravings will drive you crazy, for the first week or so, but then your body will adjust and you will wake up so refreshed (and with a flatter stomach).

2. Run. Go outside, get some sun and fresh air and run until your little heart begs you to stop. Running is not only healthy for you but therapeutic for your mind. Running can de-stress the stressful while shedding calories.

3. Hydrate constantly. Usually when you are “hungry” a big glass of water can quench your urge to consume. Drinking water with lemon also helps detoxify your body and flushes your system.

4. Take a group exercise class. Sometimes all you need is just a little push. Group exercise classes help encourage you to finish one more pushup and hold your plank for those last ten seconds.

5. Be proud of yourself. It takes a lot of hard work physically and mentally to get in shape. Pat yourself on the back and keep pushing forward. Appreciate the body you have been given and take care of it. A size zero should never be your goal, but a healthy body, metabolism and mind is what you need to focus on. Don’t come up with excuses, but motivate yourself to reach your personal goals.



Get Fit Quick

Now is the time to get into shape! I am sure all of your new years resolutions have fizzled out by now..mine sure have. SO change that lazy focus and get ready to get in shape. You don’t want to be crash dieting a week before summer begins, do you? Not only will you gain your weight back right away, but you won’t be tight, healthy or  fit. Start working out now so you can show off your six-pack in your hot new bikini!



Las Vegas Attire (optional)

In only a few days, I will be leaning up against a cushioned table, trying not to inhale smoke while holding my 2-foot margarita in one hand and throwing lucky dice in the other.


For my boyfriend’s 25th birthday, twelve of our friends will be joining us in a wild weekend of Vegas mishap. Aside from hangovers and upset bank accounts, that only means one thing: shopping! As any woman would agree, I need a couple of new dresses, a new pair of shoes and some accessories for this special vacation. Being that it is February, it is going to be chilly, really chilly at night walking club to club, casino to casino. You have to dress appropriately. And if you’re wondering what you are wearing is “too much“’s Vegas for crying out loud, ROCK IT!

Day-Time & Gambling:




Evening Show:


Club Scene:


The Best Yoga Excercises and Videos

I’ve tried yoga in the past and have never been a big fan. Now that I am getting older and less flexible, I decided to start trying yoga again. Regular yoga isn’t challenging enough, so I have gathered these yoga videos that I’ve found challenge my body.

If you are looking to loose weight and regular yoga is just too boring for you, try this:
Jillian Michaels Yoga For Weight Loss

Need more flexibility?

Trying to strengthen your core while showing off your six pack?

These are some of my favorites. What are yours?

Get that booty..and the rest of your body, in shape through the holidays.

I don’t know about you, but I am going to eat those sugar cookies, have an extra slice of ham and drink two glasses of spiced nog this holiday season. Instead of dwelling on it and beating myself up, I’m just going to workout harder, faster and stronger this month and next to make up for those sugar cookies. My choice workout is strength training. I like to mix strength training with cardio-back and forth: One day lifting those weights in a pyramid style (work your way up the ladder to the heavy guys), Next day circuit training workout (run, sprint, squats, burpees, pushups, sprint, lunges, squats, sprint, ab workout, etc.)


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(thanks for the photos Pinterest)