Hashtag Thursday

I fought as long as I could against using hashtags. Even as a social networker, I used them for my client’s social networks as minimal as possible. Reading through my personal Facebook wall I’d see hashtags inappropriately used, all of the time


and it made me gnaw at my wooden desk for hours. My pup Ruca occasionally joined in on the gnawing, not for the sake of hashtag hate, but for her teething issue.

Months and months past as I judged my friends and fellow colleagues as they hashtaged away until one dark, gruesome day. I did it.I was kind of intoxicated. Kind of a heavily intoxicated (don’t judge me I’m a writer) and was so upset with whatever was happening at that very moment that I just did it! I hashtaged… on FACEBOOK. It may have been a little more appropriate to type my very first hashtag onto my Twitter account, but it doesn’t exist. I can’t stand Twitter (but you can happily pay me to manage your Twitter). I barely get through my addiction to Facebook, Pinterest and now Instagram, I don’t need another.

Regardless, I did it. And now I cannot stop doing it. I even analyze the most creative hashtags to use and track their followers and activity. That may just be the social networker in me, but I catch myself geeking out a little over hashtags. When I saw this video with my Nsync Superhero Justin Timberlake AND almost favorite actor Jimmy Fallon, #Ijustaboutdied.

(Video Source: Gizmodo)


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