Is It Fall Yet?

Maybe it’s a little early, but I can’t help but be excited for fall. Fall is my favorite time of the year! The trees change colors, the air chills and.. well who am I kidding, I live in San Diego. No season change here. But, after living near a forest for three years in northern California, I grew very fond of fall and have carried it with me all the way down the 101.

Aside from the weather, the romantic feeling in the air and pumpkin spice lattes, I can’t wait for fall to change out my wardrobe and break out the boots. Don’t get me wrong, I loved changing up my summer clothes for festival season and sunny San Diego. In fact, these were a few of my favorite buys this summer:

Coral Sundresses


Mint Pants
Fadora’s & Bathing Suits
Luckily, there is a fall version for each of these:


And don’t forget these fall essentials:

Beanies & Hats


Knee Highs & Stockings
Maxi Skirts


One thought on “Is It Fall Yet?

  1. Love that top with those mint pants. Very fresh and chic! It’s the middle of winter here in Aus, and I’m hanging out for summer!! So hoping fall comes quick for you, so that spring might come quick for me!

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