What is Your Color?

We all have our own color that makes our eyes pop out, freshens the color of our skin and makes our hair puff just a little bit higher. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, being a redhead with pale skin, my colors are a tad different. As much as I try, it doesn’t always look best when I rock any hue. The colors that compliment me the best are drastically different- really bold, or really neutral. The lighter colors: coral, tan, emerald, white, etc.

Or the bolder, darker colors: black, forest green, purple, etc.


Playing with different colors and analyzing what it does to your bodies tones helps you find your true colors. I suggest bringing a friend, or two, with you the next time you go shopping. Try on colors you would normally never wear, and see how they react. Are your friends expressions different? Is your expression different? Do they notice your haircut now (even though you got it cut three weeks ago..)?

Never be afraid to wear colors, especially when that coral dress looks much better on you than that little black one. Image



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