Stick Out That Green Thumb in Five Easy Steps!

It’s spring! Even though the last few days have been filled with ashy clouds and cold breezes, it’s time to start planting my garden. The clouds will be gone shortly and the sun will soon shine down on my white planter box. It’s time to start prepping.

Step One

Before you start buying every plant you see, decide where you will grow them. Figure out a section in either your front or backyard that you can designate for your garden. Measure out how much space you have and what kind of depth and shape you would like your planter box to be.


Step Two

You can either build your own planter box or purchase one from your local home goods store: Home Depot, Lowes, etc. If you have a local gardening store, I recommend going there first. They are more likely to give you the advice you need, plus you’ll be supporting the local economy!

Step Three

Choose which kind of plants you would like to grow. Do you want to see flowers out your kitchen window or be able to grab fresh rosemary and basil for tonight’s dinner? There are many, many options to choose from when deciding on which plants to grow. It is truly up to what you want out of your garden.


Step Four
Image Depending on which kind of plants you are growing: flowers, herbs, vegetables, etc. you will want to go back to your local gardening store and purchase the recommended soil. I always suggest organic soil and nutrients to help your plants thrive.

Step Five

Once your planter box is assembled, you have chosen your plants, bought your soil and nutrients, you are ready to begin planting! Carefully pour the soil into the planter box, leveling it out evenly. Depending on how deep your plant is, dig a hole wide enough for it to fit comfortably. Make sure to lightly pat the plant into the soil and cover it’s surrounding roots with nutrients. A few green thumbs will recommend speaking to your plants, giving encouragement. From experience, my plants usually thrive more with a nice hello as I water them.

Don’t forget to hydrate your plants regularly with just the right amount of water (different for each plant) and spray it’s leaves with a water bottle to cool it off. Image

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