He Left Me Floating in The Clouds

Yesterday I wrote about anniversaries, being that my 1-year relationship anniversary was actually on January 7, yesterday. I wrote about surprises, pressure and ideas on how to celebrate an anniversary.  Yet, I had no idea how I was going to spend my own anniversary. I began the day expecting nothing, and becoming thankful for the past year I was able to spend with someone so special. I’ve learned from the past how easy it is to expect your boyfriend to do a million things for you on days like that. It’s what the movies, commercials and ads tell us how we are supposed to be treated. Being disappointed by crappy relationships in the past have taught me not to expect anything and be open-minded. That way there is no disappointment.

This year, there was NO disappointment. As we both got ready to go out to dinner, he snuck downstairs, turned the stereo to our first and favorite song, opened a bottle of rosa champagne, turned the patio lights on and set the mood. When I finished pampering myself with the final touches, I walked down the staircase romantic setting. There was instantly a smile on my face when I saw him, heard the music, noticed my grandmother’s wine glasses filled with bubbly and our patio set up. We each enjoyed a glass, or two, and took off for dinner. Image

He looked up the best seafood restaurant in town while he was “showering”. Despite it being no where near the best seafood restaurant in town, the Mai-tai’s and glowing view of the bay made us forget all about the Velveeta-flavored mac and cheese.

After dinner he drove me along the coast to watch the waves crash on top the shore. As we listened to music and gazed upon the ocean view, it was so simple to recap of our memories and appreciate so much. We continued driving along the coast until he took a sharp turn and pulled up to the resort his cousin works at.


Still, doing my best to expect nothing, he valeted the car, opened my door and walked me inside. Still, doing my best to expect nothing, I stood in line with him at the front desk. A freshly married bride and groom were glowing ahead of us. They looked back at us and we both giggled to each other. Fresh love, new love and lasting love.

His cousin, manager of the resort and dressed to impress the celebrities and high class guest they receive, came from around the front desk and wished us a Happy Anniversary, handing my boyfriend room keys and hugging us both. At that point it was safe to assume, WE’RE STAYING HERE! Not only is this a 5-star resort, but it is fully booked the entire year. A lot of strings were pulled. The whole walk to our room I was practically skipping with joy, thanking him every other step. And of course, it only got better once we arrived to our room.

The view from both the living room and our bedroom was of the ocean and night lights. Breathtaking. On top of the bed lay a 2009 Pinot Noir resting inside a heart made of towels, a dove shaped towel above it and a card reading Happy Anniversary. Inside the card all of the employees that worked at the hotel wrote personal notes reading Happy Anniversary. About an hour later a knock on our door. Giggly from the Pinot and excitement of the night, we opened the door to the front desk staff who gave us two complimentary brunch certificates to enjoy after we awake to our view of the ocean water. Needless to say, I was floating in the clouds. Everything was perfect.

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