Anniversaries-What to Do?!

I have celebrated one-year anniversaries before. But, there is something special about this one today. This past year, my relationship has been nothing short of fantastic. So many curve-balls and surprises have been thrown my way and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been pushed out of my box, through my comfort zone, learned to grow in a whole new way and been given so much love. When I look back, I cannot believe how blessed I am to have done as much as I have in the past year, had as much fun, gone on as many adventures & was able to have spent it with someone as special as I have.


The only unfortunate part about this anniversary, is that it falls on a Monday. As we spend our day apart at work, sending each other  messages, I just cannot wait until tonight to spend it together, whatever it is we will be doing. And then I realize, it’s probably not the easiest day for a man. A lot of pressure is put on anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and other corporate-designated days designed to purchase things. Expectations are generally greater, which means pressure to make everything perfect, or at least not mess it up.

Here are some ideas to celebrate your anniversary:

* Running short on cash and have no idea what to do? Keep it simple and romantic by cooking a homemade meal, one of his/her favorites, wrap it up, throw it in a picnic basket with a nice bottle of wine (or beer). Blindfold your other half and drive them to the beach. While they anxiously sit in the car, blindfolded, throw down a blanket with flowers, set up your dinner on top and light up the candles. Voila! The perfect sunset dinner.

* If your anniversary is in the winter and you have a local ice rink, rent it out. Ice skating bundled up in a rink to yourselves with romantic background music that reminds each other of your relationship is…well, perfect!

* Dinner & Movie. It’s classic, simple and you can never go wrong…. as long as you don’t pick the wrong movie. If you have been dating long enough to be celebrating an anniversary, you should know what the other half likes and does not like to watch. Use good judgement and remember comedies are always safe.

* Rent a hotel room, a nice hotel room. As long as its a few steps up, like ten steps up from that hotel room on the corner with flickering lights and a lot of activity in and out, rent it out and make a romantic night out of it. Throw rose petals on the bed, enjoy dinner at the hotel restaurant, order room service for desert and pop open that bottle of champagne.

* Revisit your first date. If you not only remember where, but take them to where you had your first date, you will have so many brownie points you will most likely become diabetic.

Whatever you end up doing, whether simple to over the top, enjoy yourselves and appreciate each other.
That is what it’s all about.



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