Fab Friday!

In order to keep up with my 2013 resolution (yes, I am too ahead of schedule) I am going to start something new for my blog..FAB FRIDAYS! Everything fabulous that occurred throughout the week will be shared, posted and exploited on Tha Bees Knees.

This week was all about Christmas. I’m pretty sure I am slowly going into a deep depression now that Christmas is over. Even though the Christmas music is no longer on the radio, and all the tamales have been eaten, I am leaving my tree and decorations up as long as I possibly can..basically until my boyfriend can’t take it anymore and burns it in Glamis.

This was my week. It was beautiful, amazing and is sadly almost over.

ImageMy camera phone did not do these delicious sugar cookies justice, but they were bedazzled with organic cane sugar and came out DE-LISH! Each year I make an abundance of holiday deserts and give them out to family, friends and companies I work for. This year I easily baked over 300 goods and packaged them in cute holiday boxes. This makes such an easy, but special gift. Everyone likes to eat, especially during Christmas!

Christmas tree

My mother never disappoints with Christmas. She is the reason why I still count down the days and can’t sleep from excitement the night before Christmas. As a child we made it a tradition to shut all electronics off and turn on the Christmas lights to hang ornaments, bake everything and decorate the house. As my brother and I have gotten older, we barely have time for those special moments. Now when I come home, the tree has been decorated and the house is set up, exactly as we used to set it up. Despite not being able to do it as a family, my mother works incredibly hard to make it just perfect, just as it always was.


Spending Christmas with your loved ones is what it’s all about, especially when you’re wearing your new Christmas outfit ;).


As we so easily forget with advertisements screaming in our face and cute commercials everywhere, Jesus is the reason for the season. Each Christmas Eve, as a family, we go to church. Aside from Easter, it is the one time of year we all go to the same church, same time, together.


Couldn’t forget Mr. Dirty Snowman! Over the weekend the boyfriend and my two bestfriends (another couple) and I went to Big Bear to snowboard down the mountain, build snowmen and drink spiced eggnog, a lot of nog.

This was my week. It was beautiful, amazing and is sadly almost over. Luckily, tonight is our After-Christmas party. Pictures will follow 🙂

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