What Do I Get My Boss for Christmas?!

One of the hardest people to buy a gift for is your boss, or bosses. You don’t want your nose to turn brown as you hand them their Christmas gift, yet you want to make an effort to thank them for your employment. So where’s the happy medium?

If Your Boss Enjoys a Sip or Two… stop by Bevmo, or order online. Bevmo has a beautiful selection of everything alcohol related, not to mention their buy one get one 5-cent wine sale. You can always find a good (not amazing, but good enough) bottle of wine on Bevmo’s 5-cent sale: Buy one, get the second for 5-flippen-cents! Stop by Michaels and get a holiday basket (which are 50% off) and fill it with a couple bottles of wine, a tube of some kinda fancy salami, crackers and a good chocolate bar. For about 30 bucks you score a beautiful gift to impress your boss with.

Thanks for the photo Google

Thanks for the photo Google

Temporary Personal Assistant… I got this idea from The Daily Muse. Just think of all those tasks you really don’t like doing, yeah they exist, we’ll get your boss the TaskRabbit gift card and they can hire a temporary assistant to do anything they need (like that list of things you don’t want to do). They will even run errands for you!

Accessories…For Technology. Technology can be so twenty-first century. Spice things up with color, pattern and design. Make sure you know your boss well enough before you decorate their Iphone or tablet. If they like suttle, don’t get them neon.
As long as you know your boss well enough, this can make the perfect gift!

tablet accessories

Thanks for the photo http://www.youplusdallas.com

Don’t forget the card!


Thanks for the photo http://www.zomm.com


2 thoughts on “What Do I Get My Boss for Christmas?!

  1. Some good ideas there.
    Every job I have worked at we have done Secret Santa. Every year I always get someone a picture of me in a frame. This may go someway in explaining why I have never been employee of the month!

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