Office Party Etiquette

With every holiday season comes holiday parties. I don’t know if I would call them the best, but the most entertaining holiday party is your office holiday party.
ImageDo dress nice. It is a company party, not your best friend’s party.
Pair corporate with festive to meet your attire needs. Don’t be afraid to indulge in festive holiday colors, either. It’s the time of year to let your pearly-whites, golds and reds shine!Image

Don’t dress like Santa’s whore. You won’t impress anybody dressing inappropriate to your corporate holiday party (or get a bigger bonus).


Do have a drink and enjoy yourself. You are allowed to have a couple of social drinks to enjoy with your coworkers and staff. Loosen up a little and share some good holiday stories, just not too juicy you never hear the end of it on Monday.

Don’t wake up under your boss’s Christmas tree. You will hear about it on Monday..and possibly Tuesday!


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