Stir fried broccoli with oyster sauce – 蚝油西兰花.

Nom, nom, nom!


Chinese-style broccoli is one of my favorite veggie dishes. Instead of cooking the broccoli to baby food consistency – something that people do way too often back home – the vegetable is blanched and stir-fried to perfect cooked softness, while still retaining its crunch.

This green vitamin bomb is already delicious on its own, but a little bit of spring onion and oyster sauce just brings the dish to a next level. It’s really hard to screw up this recipe, just make sure to blanch and stir-fry the broccoli only for a couple of minutes and you’ll be fine.

The only thing that I changed about this recipe is that I cut back on the oil. I’m sure it will still taste great without the obscene amount of oil we used in cooking class.

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