My New Years Resolutions 2014

It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged here. Writing posts for different companies all day long sometimes leaves your personal blog untouched. With that said, I’ve decided to start this year off with a bang and share my personal resolutions (yes, blogging more is one of them).

New Years Resolutions 2014

A destination I’d like to visit:
Montana, Sacramento, New Orleans, Spain, Canada and Boston

I’m going to work harder at:
Exercising and eating healthy
Workout 5x a week
Having patience
Blogging on my personal blog

A project I’d like to finish:
Decorating my home
Finalizing my business pricing and design
Finish my website

Class I’d like to take:
Spanish, SEO, Client Interaction and Link Building
Spanish CDs, SEO classes and presentations

I’d like to spend more time:
Reading and with family

A food I want to eat more of:
Less meat, more tea, raw fruits and veggies.

I want to wear more:
Bold style and accessories

A bad habit I’m going to break:
Getting angry before thinking things through
Picking my nails


What are some of your resolutions?

Hashtag Thursday

I fought as long as I could against using hashtags. Even as a social networker, I used them for my client’s social networks as minimal as possible. Reading through my personal Facebook wall I’d see hashtags inappropriately used, all of the time


and it made me gnaw at my wooden desk for hours. My pup Ruca occasionally joined in on the gnawing, not for the sake of hashtag hate, but for her teething issue.

Months and months past as I judged my friends and fellow colleagues as they hashtaged away until one dark, gruesome day. I did it.I was kind of intoxicated. Kind of a heavily intoxicated (don’t judge me I’m a writer) and was so upset with whatever was happening at that very moment that I just did it! I hashtaged… on FACEBOOK. It may have been a little more appropriate to type my very first hashtag onto my Twitter account, but it doesn’t exist. I can’t stand Twitter (but you can happily pay me to manage your Twitter). I barely get through my addiction to Facebook, Pinterest and now Instagram, I don’t need another.

Regardless, I did it. And now I cannot stop doing it. I even analyze the most creative hashtags to use and track their followers and activity. That may just be the social networker in me, but I catch myself geeking out a little over hashtags. When I saw this video with my Nsync Superhero Justin Timberlake AND almost favorite actor Jimmy Fallon, #Ijustaboutdied.

(Video Source: Gizmodo)

Careful What You Wish For

At the beginning of the week, I posted a post on my Facebook page, stating how much I was looking forward to all of the changes and celebrations this week was going to hold. By Monday morning, I planned to sell my truck, buy a Toyota 4Runner, get a better job and celebrate my birthday.

By Monday night I was told the company I was currently working for was shutting down,  we were all let go and my truck was appraised for $4,000 less than expected. To top it off, shortly after receiving the news from my company I received even worse news: my puppy had gotten out of our backyard. The little booger was found, luckily.

After Monday’s shit-show of a day, I decided the rest of the week must get better.. and now! I spent all Tuesday applying for jobs, better jobs, putting my truck for sale everywhere I could and holding onto my puppy so tight her eyes bulged out.

By Friday morning [[my birthday]] I wake up to my boyfriend holding a bouquet of flowers and a loud buzz from my cell phone. I had received an email not only stating that I was  hired, but that I start the following Wednesday. The rest of my special day was spent drinking pina coladas and eating tacos in Mexico.

Sometimes you get exactly what you wish for. Other times, life throws you upside down, dangling you by your heels and says, “How’s this look?”

Dolce & Gabbana Possibly Close Forever

Yet another reason it is important to pay your taxes, people. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were found guilty of tax evasion and have chosen to temporary close their Italian fashion boutiques, stores and cafes in Milan.

Italy is embarrassed by the fashion designers and has publicly stated what an embarrassment it is for such negative international attention. Poor, Italy.

What this means for the American Dolce & Gabbana stores, we are unsure of. But, you can take a wild guess the closing of stores from Milan shall spread towards America once more and more Americans here about another tax evader, who generated hundreds of millions.

For the true fashion-passion, this is a heartbreaking story. We want to turn our cheek and say “No, they couldn’t have!” and continue strutting our G&B bag down Main Street. We wish them luck, send hope their way that they won’t stop designing beautiful, Italian fashion over this horrible accusation. But, as we lay our soft head down to sleep, we know they did… and it’s over.
Rest in peace Dolce & Gabbana fashion. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

Is It Fall Yet?

Maybe it’s a little early, but I can’t help but be excited for fall. Fall is my favorite time of the year! The trees change colors, the air chills and.. well who am I kidding, I live in San Diego. No season change here. But, after living near a forest for three years in northern California, I grew very fond of fall and have carried it with me all the way down the 101.

Aside from the weather, the romantic feeling in the air and pumpkin spice lattes, I can’t wait for fall to change out my wardrobe and break out the boots. Don’t get me wrong, I loved changing up my summer clothes for festival season and sunny San Diego. In fact, these were a few of my favorite buys this summer:

Coral Sundresses


Mint Pants
Fadora’s & Bathing Suits
Luckily, there is a fall version for each of these:


And don’t forget these fall essentials:

Beanies & Hats


Knee Highs & Stockings
Maxi Skirts

I Am Trayvon Martin.

July 13, 2013 – Six women decide George Zimmerman, part-time student and full-time neighborhood watch captain, is not guilty for the crime of murdering 17-year old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. Zimmerman claims self defense against an armless, underage high school student.
Let’s play a little fact or fiction..

1. George Zimmerman was an authorized police officer. Fiction

2. Travyon Martin was an African American teenager, who was wearing a hood and was an unarmed suspect. Fiction [[he had a candy bar in hand]]

3. Neighborhood watch captain gives you full legal rights to shoot any suspected persons in your neighborhood. Fiction

4. President Barack Obama relates to Trayvon and claims, “it could have been me 35 years ago”. Fact

5. The Senate will chair a hearing on “stand your ground” laws because of the Zimmerman verdict. Fact

The six women who made the final decision,
leaving Trayvon’s family grieving with injustice and
Zimmerman left with numerous death threats, made the right decision.

Fact or Fiction?

No Excuses

IT’S HOT. Well almost.

We are getting closer to the official first day of summer and you are still up late eating those cookies before bed!

Unless you look as good as Marilyn eating cookies in bed, I suggest you cut the bad habit and get back on track. Staying fit and healthy is hard work and takes determination and dedication. Here are a few simple steps to stay on track while you work towards your bikini body.
1. Don’t eat before you go to bed. It is bad for your metabolism and increases your belly fat when you eat before falling asleep. I recommend you take your last bite three hours before you start counting sheep. You will feel hungry and the cravings will drive you crazy, for the first week or so, but then your body will adjust and you will wake up so refreshed (and with a flatter stomach).

2. Run. Go outside, get some sun and fresh air and run until your little heart begs you to stop. Running is not only healthy for you but therapeutic for your mind. Running can de-stress the stressful while shedding calories.

3. Hydrate constantly. Usually when you are “hungry” a big glass of water can quench your urge to consume. Drinking water with lemon also helps detoxify your body and flushes your system.

4. Take a group exercise class. Sometimes all you need is just a little push. Group exercise classes help encourage you to finish one more pushup and hold your plank for those last ten seconds.

5. Be proud of yourself. It takes a lot of hard work physically and mentally to get in shape. Pat yourself on the back and keep pushing forward. Appreciate the body you have been given and take care of it. A size zero should never be your goal, but a healthy body, metabolism and mind is what you need to focus on. Don’t come up with excuses, but motivate yourself to reach your personal goals.


DIY Face Mask

With hundreds and hundreds of ingredients having names that end in “phate” or “ium” put in our daily products, it’s nice to know how to make your own. I borrowed this recipe from Sarah over at Sparkle & Mine.


1/2 ripe avocado
1 whole egg
1 Tbsp Greek yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
1 Tbsp coconut oil (optional)

Combine all ingredients in blender and process for 30 seconds. Apply immediately to clean skin. Leave on 5-10 minutes until you feel mask start to tighten and dry. Rinse with warm water. Gently dry face and apply daily face moisturizer to damp skin.

* If you want extra hydration add the 1 Tbsp coconut oil
* Never let mask fully dry on skin
* When removing use warm water and finger tips to gently loosen mask before removing with washcloth. (Although washcloth is not necessary)
* This mask should be used immediately and does not store

DIY Employee Appreciation

You know the feeling after you come home from a long day of work, finished making dinner,  plop your exhausted body on the couch and release a heavy sigh.

Every now and then it’s nice to feel appreciated for all you do. Since I am the Marketing Director for the company I work for, it was my job to create gifts for Employee Appreciation. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to make several cute DIY goodies in a matter of hours before the Employee Appreciation party.

These Thanks A Latte gift card holders were a hit!


Our company colors are teal, so I stuck with a teal and green pattern and created this design in Pages (which is Microsoft for Mac). After choosing your font and colors, print the pages and line them up.ImageUse a paper cutter, such as the one below to cut your paper into four individual squares.

ImageOnce your paper is cut, using double sided tape, tape Starbucks cup sleeves to the paper and stick the gift card inside the sleeve.
ImageImageOur party was at the El Torito, across the street from our building. I also filled boxes from Michaels with the Starbucks gift cards, nail polish, body scrub and lotion. Each employee received individual cards and a mentionable honor at the party.ImageLittle things like this make all the hard work you put in, a little more worth it.

This Is Your Life. Coachella It.

Sometimes, all you need is a good vacation.

After having my mind blown at Coachella this past weekend, I feel the air easier to breathe at work, the couch a little less comfortable at home and the gas mileage in my truck not that bad. Confusing, right?

When life feels like it’s never going to stop, everything starts to suck, and you can’t process thoughts without anxiety…it’s time for a vacation. So I took two.

Last weekend I went to Coachella Valley Music Festival for the first time.
ImageThis would be the sentence where I describe how amazing it was and what it felt like to be at a music festival in the desert with hundreds of thousands of people, but I can’t do that. Words cannot describe what Coachella is like. Sorry writer gods, I’m going to sin.

It is an experience that everyone should experience, at least once. With that said, I cannot wait to sit by my computer, refreshing the page, to buy my tickets for 2014 Coachella next month in May. Yes, tickets go on sale a year in advance, and yes they sell out in about two hours. It’s that good.

Prior to my weekend in Coachella, I took a quick trip to Las Vegas. Always a good idea. As my boyfriend conventioned away, his sister and I took our sweet time drinking bacon bloody mary’s, eating Las Vegas’s underground eats and tossing dice. Usually a trip to Vegas is rushed with day party, gambling, pool party, gambling, eat and then clubbing all night. This trip was a little different and was the perfect prepper to Coachella. Most people can’t put relaxing and Vegas in the same sentence, but I think I am pretty close.

Three days after arriving back home from Coachella, my brain still hurts, my calves still ache, but I’m rejoiced with this fiery feeling inside me. [[No, I didn’t catch anything in Vegas]] It’s the kind of feeling that makes you get up and just start sprinting as fast as you can inhaling whatever air is sticking and exhaling pure greatness. This is the feeling I usually get after I have had a really good vacation, a much needed one. Ready to conquer the world, again. With that said, all the new years resolutions re-pump blood in my veins and I’m back on the saddle, for now. In about a month or two, I’ll need another Coachella.